We are dedicated to ensuring emergency personnel have a secure and reliable way to communicate during a disaster.


The Virginia Public Safety Broadband Network (VAPSBN) team is comprised of the FirstNet State Point of Contact/Statewide Interoperability Coordinator, Program Assistants, Advisors, and administrative staff.

Working alongside state, local, and federal partners, VAPSBN has spent the past three years conducting education, outreach, and data collection activities across the state in an effort to gain an understanding of Virginia’s unique public safety communications needs.

VAPSBN regularly engages with public safety communications working groups statewide. We encourage stakeholders to participate in their regional working groups to share ideas and evaluate current and future public safety communications needs and solutions.


Statewide Interoperability Executive Committee

The Statewide Interoperability Executive Committee (SIEC) is a multi disciplined advisory group instrumental in the defining and implementation of initiatives outlined in the States Communication (Statewide Communications Interoperability Plan). Membership consists of designated members from all disciplines of Public Safety.

Regional Preparedness Advisory Committee –Interoperability (RPAC-I)

Each Region across the Commonwealth has an established RPAC-I that meets quarterly in an effort to address region specific interoperability priorities. These committees are also instrumental in providing unique perspectives utilized for statewide interoperability decision making.

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